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Beef Share

Ditch the grocery store & always have something ready in the freezer. Our share options give...

Ditch the grocery store & always have something ready in the freezer.

Our share options give you a little taste of everything! Cow share with friends and family or stock your freezer today! 

All of our Black Angus beef is born and raised on our farm so you know exactly where your beef is from. 

We process our Black Angus monthly to keep up with demand and guarantee fresh quality. Please reach out if you have any questions. 


  • We offer bundles in increments of 1/8 cow(1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or Whole Beef)
  • 1/8 (pictured here) is great for a family of 2-3 and fits in a standard home freezer.
  • Each 1/8  is ~50lb
  • Scroll down to see the list of cuts included in a 1/8 bundle
  • Dry aged for 21 days to create a tender bite. 


    • No deposit required, pay cash or venmo at pickup. 3% is added to all credit cards.

    Cut Details:

    Cows come in different shapes and sizes. The approximate weight per cut and the number of pieces may vary. The below amounts are to provide a rough estimate of what to expect in a 1/8 increment:

    -All of the below come frozen and vacuum packed-


      • Ground Beef
      • Beef Cubes 
      • Chip Steak 
      • Short Ribs 


      • Bone in Sirloin -0r- Boneless Sirloin 
      • Porterhouse - or -  filet 
      • Delmonico - or - Ribeye 
      • T-bone - or - NY Strip 
      • Flank steak -or- Flat Iron -or- Skirt steak 
      • Chuck eye steak - or - Chuck Roast - or - Denver Steak
      • Sirloin Tip Steak  
      • Ranch Steak 

    Roasts(cut around 3-4lbs):

      • Beef eye round roast -or- Brisket 
      • Bottom round roast 

    Please know I have other steak options for our shares & prices may change without notice due to feeding costs, market prices, butcher costs & Beef Weights.

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